About Us

Hello Again

This is where we tell you a little about ourselves.

My wife and I come from two different occupational backgrounds. I am a pharmacist and she is a qualified reflexologist and aromatherapist.

We love our professions and continue doing them to this day.

How did we get into Personalised Storybooks?

So, you may be wondering whatever got us into this business, from the health field?

Along our life’s journey of helping children via our current professions, we felt a calling to help them further. Children are our future leaders and giving them a stable foundation during their childhood is crucial. During our search, the opportunity to buy an educational franchise for children came along. It involved teaching children math, via the Japanese abacus system. The main point of the system was to improve cognitive function and overall brain development.

From that experience onwards, we realized that working with children and playing a part in helping them to become the best that they can be, gave us a rewarding feeling.

And so we starting looking for other ways to make a positive difference in children’s lives. Things that would add value and bring stimulation to a child’s life.

This is when we came across the Personalised StoryBooks opportunity.

My Heavenly Treasures was Born

For over 8 years now, we have been enjoying the privilege of making these wonderful ‘treasure’ books for children and adults alike.

It is remarkable to see that even with the technological advances and things like e-books and the like, people still take a strong liking to these books.

It makes sense then to take this business forward and bring it into the online world. We have tried to make the order process as simple as we possibly can, by using the latest technology at our disposal and hope to expand our reach and services to more people via this website.

Thank You!

Well, that is our story. It’s not complete, however….

As our story would not have been complete, WITHOUT YOU…!

It’s true, we are sincerely grateful for the support that we have received from you over the years.

We will keep striving to offer you our best services and will make sure that you get these ‘keepsake’ personalised books, delivered to you each and every time.

Yours Sincerely

Roopesh and Reshma Govind

MyTreasured Books who are the owners of mytreasuredbooks.com