My Fishing Adventure


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A tall story with a Bear!

Children’s Version

Whilst looking through their newest fishing catalog, your child is thinking about the annual fishing contest. As they flip through the pages, they come across Bobber Bear. “I wish I could be like Bobber Bear”, they think to themselves, as they nod off to sleep.

They begin to dream. An exciting fishing adventure unfolds…

‘”Wake up!”‘, someone says while shaking them out of their dream… ‘” I’ve just entered us in the big fishing contest…”‘

Humorous Adult Version

After a long day, your friend is ready to hit the sack. Even though they rarely catch anything, they are hooked on fishing. Being a real snoozer, they begin to doze off whilst enjoying their favourite bedtime activity- reading their fishing catalog. Deep down, they’re still a kid at heart, when it comes to fishing. Fortunately for them, nobody knows that Bobber Bear is their hero! The most exciting dream they have ever had in their whole life, begins…. Only one question was on their mind when they were woken up, ” Where can I rent a bear outfit?”


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