How does Reading Help You? Here are 5 Awesome ways…

Hello folks, and welcome to My Treasured Books, personalized storybooks. How Does Reading Help You?This is our first blog and we would like to begin by answering this important question.How can Reading help you

How does reading help you?

We all know that reading is important. However, with so many distractions such as video games and social media, reading books have taken a ‘back seat’ in our society. In fact, one just needs to take a look at our current South African education system to see the effects of this. Sad to say, it is not really one of the best. A  greater emphasis needs to be placed on reading.

Let us jump right in and look at 5 amazing benefits that reading offers to one.

The 5 Benefits of Reading

  1. Our Brain Physically Rewires Itself Through Reading

A study conducted at the Carnegie Mellon University showed a positive correlation between reading and an improvement in the integrity of the gray matter in the brain.

How does Reading help you

The children that were involved in the study were between 8-10 years of age, and received around 100 hours of remedial training. After this period, imaging results showed a rewiring of the brain’s white matter. The white matter is that tissue like part in the brain that is responsible for carrying signals between areas of the gray matter, where information is processed.

According to the Director of Carnegie’s Mellon’s Center for Cognitive Brain Imaging(CBI), this rewiring has ‘important implications for treating reading disabilities and other developmental disorders such as Autism.”

2.Reading a story Makes one feel Like they are Living the Experience

Research has shown, that reading a fiction story not only stimulates the brain but also changes how one acts in ‘real’  life.

For example, when participants in a study conducted in France, read a sentence like, “Jessie kicked the ball,” scans picked up activity in the motor cortex of the brain. This is the part of the brain, that is responsible for coordinating movements of the body.

How does reading help you

The study concluded that the brain does not make a big distinction between reading about a physical experience and experiencing it in real life. In both cases, the same neurological parts of the brain are activated.

Isn’t that amazing? If you would like to read more of that study, then you can click on this link.

3. Reading is Easy and Educational

Reading a book with a child has tons of benefits. It gets them away from playing video games and watching TV. Furthermore, it not only alerts them to some fascinating new words that they can add to their growing vocabulary, but it gets them to be more focused on the story by having a longer attention span.

How does reading help you

This key element helps in building a solid foundation for learning, as they grow up.

(Imagine reading a story to them, that is about them. That’s the unique part of our personalized storybooks.Learn more here)

Let’s not forget another crucial benefit of reading a book to a child. It helps to improve their listening skills.

Sharpening their listening skills would give them a tremendous boost when it comes to listening to their teacher as they prepare for their early schooling.

4. Reading is Therapeutic and Relaxing

I guess this would come down to what kind of content you enjoy reading, that gets you engaged. It is really not a good idea, to snuggle up with your daily newspaper when its time to go to bed.

The last thing that your mind needs is violent images or distressing stories when it’s trying to shut down. As for electrical devices, such as the phone or iPad, it is a good idea to switch these off an hour before tucking in.

How can reading help you

Reading a fiction book for example, or something light hearted is perfect to soothe you and set you off into dreamland. If you had a hectic day, and things really did not go your way, then grab a book and read away.

Reading fiction stories provides one with a ‘quick escape.’  An escape to a place that makes you forget all of your troubles for that moment, and immerses you into a world of imagination.

5.Reading improves bonding time

When you cuddle up with a “Wilbur Smith, ” or a book of your choice, you are taking out time for yourself. It means, that you are valuing yourself by spending more time in the way you want to.

How does reading help you

When it comes to reading books with your kids, that too says, that family time is important. Getting the kids into the habit of reading is excellent, as it will foster a love for reading in the future.

The best part is when they eagerly await your ‘famous impersonation’ of their favorites characters, every single time.

Truly priceless moments that money cannot buy.

Reading does a lot More….

The truth is, reading can help in many other ways. By becoming more knowledgeable about a subject matter through reading, it will give one the confidence and self-esteem one needs when communicating with another.

It can take people to places that they are unable to physically go to.

It can teach you about different religions, cultures, beliefs and much more.

Coming to grips with the Truth.

Did you Know?

In 2016, it was reported that only 14% of South Africans actually read books! Basic Education Minister, Angie Motshekga, went further on to state that only 5% of parents read to their children. This is a clear indication that an education crisis looms in South Africa.

What Motshekga highlighted was the all-important fact, “The race in illiteracy started in early childhood development.”

Lets get our Kids to Start Reading

There is a time for games, a time for TV, and a time to play. There should be some time dedicated to reading as well, don’t you think?

Kids take delight in fun and adventure. Imagine, taking it one step further and making the adventure all about them. Children love to read a story about their own adventure. That’s what we do. We create an adventure storybook for them, about them.

Give them a personalized storybook. It’s a book that they would want you to read to them over and over again.

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